Handkikare Nighteagle ERGO 10×56 Gen 3

4,715.00 kr

  • efficient and inexpensive
  • good edge sharpness
  • ideal for moonlight and backlight
  • bright and high-contrast
  • robust and suitable for all weather

The best 10×56 binoculars for you may be smaller
The new Nighteagle Ergo 10×56 is more than the next generation – it is an uncompromising solution for those who expect performance with low weight at a moderate price. Despite its low weight, the 10×56 Nighteagle Ergo delivers incredible performance that surpasses most binoculars in the € 400 price range. The Nighteagle Ergo 10×56 is predestined for night and twilight hunting as well as hide hunting in wide field areas.

The new generation 3.1
The new generation 3.1 has been further improved. The focusing wheel and diopter are made of robust metal, but overall the binoculars have been made lighter. Furthermore, the eyecups were provided with an innovative Z-lock.

See things no matter what the light is
Whether during the day or at dusk, a visual impression is at its best when it appears completely natural and colourfast. The new look of the Nighteagle Ergo 3.1 gives the viewer the feeling of actually experiencing brilliant reality, with the Nighteagle Ergo surprisingly positive again and again. Color fringes and color misrepresentations are hardly known from these binoculars, a straight line remains a straight line even at the edges.

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