Kikarsikte Nighteagle V6 2,5-15×50 Gen 3 A4N 0,1 MRAD

12,125.00 kr

V6 stands for the 6x zoom of the scope. Modern optics are slim, have a low entry magnification, e.g. B. 2.5x and a high final magnification of 15x, 16x or up to 30x. These rifle scopes can be used for long shots, but also at short distances. With parallax compensation from 10 m, images i. V. m. attachments can be corrected and focused. You are ideally armed with hunting rifle scopes with a 50 mm lens for stalking until late at dusk. The best all-rounders with a magnification of 1.5x or more can be used for stalking, for use with an attachment (due to the extremely short design), but also for driven hunts.

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